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  • The Premed crowd is big.
    Like 53,000 big.

    In 2020, there were over 53,030 applicants for MD medical schools.
    Only 22,000 got in.
    How will you stand out?

    Do you have financial hardship? 

    We know how it is. We offer limited pro bono services if you are from a socioeconomically disadvantaged background.

    What will your path be?

     Find out how you can get into the top medical schools of your choice.

    Is your personal statement legit?

      You might think so.
    But will your admissions officer think so too?

    How important is
    the medical school interview?

    "One of the most frustrating experiences in this job is to watch a student with excellent credentials, who I strongly suspect will make an excellent physician, go down in flames in the interview. It is clear that some students have been coached on the interview process and others have not ... if you get offered an interview, there is a chair in that school’s first-year medical school class with your name on it. Based on your performance in the interview, you will either claim it or give it away."
    Quinn Capers IV, MD
    Associate Dean for OHSU College of Medicine

    Are you ready for your medical school interview?

    You will be rejected by medical schools with a "good" interview.
    Even with a 3.7 and a 514.

    Don't let all of your hard work go to waste.
    Finish strong.

  • Road2MD Advisors

    We are physicians with recent medical school admissions committee experience. We want to help you get into your top choice.

    Jiwon Youm

    Jiwon Youm, MD - Founder

    BS/MS UC San Diego
    MD UC San Francisco
    Internship UC San Francisco, Surgery
    Residency SCVMC, Radiology, Chief Resident
    Fellowship UC San Francisco, Interventional Radiology (2021-2022)
    Dr. Youm received his MD from UCSF in 2013. He was a full voting member of the admissions committee for three years, evaluating hundreds of applications. He interviewed and voted on all types of applicants – traditional, non-traditional, disadvantaged, MSTP, and JMP. At UCSD, he was the head teaching assistant for four years and was a top-rated MCAT instructor at a major test prep company. After completing surgery internship at UCSF in 2014, he focused on growing Road2MD, which he founded during medical school, while maintaining clinical duties as house staff physician for the Department of Surgery at UCSF. After having completed a radiology residency as a Chief Resident at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, he is returning to UCSF to complete a 1-year fellowship in Interventional Radiology.
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    Gemayel Lee, MD

    BS CSU Long Beach
    MD UC San Francisco
    Residency UC San Diego, Anesthesia
    Fellowship UC San Diego, Pain
    Dr. Lee served two years as a full-voting member on the admission committee and was then appointed to a search committee to hire a new Vice Dean. Through these experiences, he has considerable knowledge of the admissions process and has evaluated many candidates from high school students to deans of some of the top medical schools. While at UCSF, he was awarded the Essential Core Teaching Award for Excellence in in Small Group Instruction. Prior to medical school, he taught MCAT and SAT subject courses and won the 2006 Instructor of the Quarter Award for a major test prep company.
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    Peter M. Bradley*, PhD

    BS      Johns Hopkins University
    MD/PhD  UC San Francisco
    Post-doctoral Fellowship   UCSF / Columbia University
    Dr. Bradley was a MSTP student at UCSF.  After completing his PhD and returning to medical school for a month, he decided not to pursue the second half of the MD portion of his training because of the exciting advances he made in research.
    Email: TBD
    * Pseudonym for privacy
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    Matthew Caresky, MD

    BS  Indiana University
    MD  Tufts
    Residency UC San Francisco, Anesthesia
    Fellowship University of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Pediatric Anesthesia
    Dr. Caresky served on the admissions committee at Tufts University School of Medicine for 2 years. After receiving his MD, he completed his residency in anesthesia at UCSF. He is currently a pediatric anesthesia fellow at the University of Cincinnati.
    Email: TBD
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    We help you get into medical school. 
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    EM, Class of 2015


    CS, Class of 2014


    YL, Class of 2017


    JL, Class of 2014


    DM, Class of 2014


    SA, Class of 2013


    ZT, Class of 2017

    UC Irvine

    TD, Class of 2018


    SL, Class of 2018


    TZ, Class of 2016


    JS, Class of 2018

    UC Davis

    MS, Class of 2019


    JK, Class of 2019

    UC Irvine

    AR, Class of 2019


    VB, Class of 2019


    MS, Class of 2019


    CY, Class of 2020


    AT, Class of 2020


    JL, Class of 2020

    Miami M

    JK, Class of 2020


    JK, Class of 2021


    SP, Class of 2021


    PZ, Class of 2022


    AA, Class of 2022
  • Testimonials

    "Hi Jiwon!  So great to hear from you!  I'm not sure if [JL] is checking this email often. [JL] decided to go to her first choice all along...Yale. :) She is absolutely thriving and loving school and her classmates!  Super small, close and supportive class - and embracing the "take any additional classes you want in any grad school" philosophy there. You are a rockstar Jiwon.  She couldn't have done all this without you!!!  I hope you are well and wish you and your family a very happy holiday!!! My Best, [SL] "
    -Mother of JL, Yale Class of 2020


    "Thanks a lot! I think my biggest issue with the personal statement was the content, or rather for the most part I know what I'm going to say, just not how to say it. Definitely appreciated the advice for the activities section. Thank you so much for your help!"
    - TD, MSTP, UCI Class of 2018 


    "The interview prep package isn't cheap. But this is a relatively small investment considering I paid almost $2000 for the MCAT, which is only one part of the application. I actually wasn't too sure what to expect until I had the mock MMI. The stations were pretty realistic, especially the ones with standardized acting patients. Dr. Youm's comments were so candid, to the point, and really, really helpful. I don't really need to say much more because ... I got into my top choice!!!"
    -YL, Stanford Class of 2017


    "Jiwon! I got into DGSOM at UCLA. Thank you so much for your advice and questions. It really really helped a lot!"
    - JK, UCLA Class of 2019


    "We got a lot of positive feedback from the premeds that came and listened to your talk.  They were really happy to hear a presentation with practical advice early on in their premed careers, so thanks a lot for coming out last week.  Given the number of people interested in the event, we would definitely seek a bigger room next time!  We'd love to welcome you back in the future.  Take care."
    - Stanford Premedical Association, 11/1/14


    "Dr. Youm helped me prepare for all of the challenging questions and MMI scenarios that I ultimately encountered in my medical school interviews. His feedback during each session was incredibly insightful and personalized. Looking back, I realize just how much I improved since my first mock interview. In addition, Dr. Youm draws upon his recent experiences in evaluating applicants as a member of UCSF’s admissions committee. His advising was tremendously helpful throughout each of the different stages of the application process."

    - AR, UCI Class of 2019



    "I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me over the past year. Your encouragement and advice were both invaluable to me. When the dean called me, he specifically mentioned my answers to interview question about how I would use research in the future as a deciding factor in their decision! From your help on essays to interview prep, I do not think I would have earned a position in medical school without you. 
    Thank you again, Dr. Youm. I hope to thank you in person in the future."
    - JK, Georgetown SOM Class of 2021

  • Services

    Limited availability (last update 6/15/2021)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How are the advising sessions done?
    Phone. Zoom/FaceTime/Skype. In person (currently not available due to pandemic).
    What is your turnaround time for editing?
    We guarantee turnaround time of < 72 hours, but it is usually much, much quicker than that.
    How are the mock interviews done?
    In light of most interviews being virtual due to the pandemic, mock interview are also performed virtually. Outside of a pandemic, in-person interview is available in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York (subject to availability).
    What is your refund policy?
    We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. However, if our services do not meet your expectations and you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund the remaining portion of your package.